About Us

Kenchic Ltd came into existence in 1984 after acquiring its assets from BAT Kenya Developments Ltd in 1983. The company’s operation at the time of its acquisition had its production facilities in three localities i.e. Athi River [Breeder farm, Hatchery]; Broiler farm on leased premises and Tigoni Processing Plant in Limuru. The company started from a humble beginning producing 20,000 DOC per week and a processing capacity of 5000 birds per week with a total work force of 77. During this time, all operations were manual.

Currently the company’s production facilities are located at Tigoni Processing Plant, Athi River [Broiler farm and Hatchery], Mombasa [Hatchery] and six Breeder farms on the plains of Kajiado and Naivasha.

Kenchic is the only licensed export slaughter house in Kenya for poultry products. Our processing plant supplies chicken to international franchises like Galitos, Steers, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in East Africa, airline caterers like NAS, leading hotels, caterers, and fast food restaurants including all the 30 Kenchic Inns countrywide


"To consistently produce and sell healthy, quality, white meat and associated products that exceed customer expectations and guarantee continued market growth”

“Chicken of Choice”

In order to effectively deliver our strategic Initiatives and be known in the market foref fective service delivery, Kenchic embraces the following core values:

  • Service excellence: We promise our customers to meet their needs and requirements for the highest quality product and service excellence.
  • Product quality: We will provide the highest quality product because we care.
  • Staff: We are “Kuku” about our people because we are the people.
  • Traceability: Kenchic takes great care to provide its chickens with the best quality nutritional feed to ensure they grow healthily and generously. Kenchic chicken is grown in environmentally secure farms under strict animal welfare standards to ensure we produce healthy and nutritious chicken.
  • Social Responsibility: We are as passionate about our country as we are about our chicken. We embrace production procedures that are environmentally friendly and promote healthy family values that in turn promote development and add value to our society.
  • Team work: Kenchic strongly believes in benefiting from the synergies provided through team effort.
  • Customer Focus: Kenchic’s corporate performance is, and shall remain, strongly rooted in its customers. Our promise now, and in the future, is to keep our customers at the heart of all our business operations.