General Issues

Which birds are best to keep- broilers or layers?
How much money does it cost to keep birds?
Where do I sell my chickens?
When do I sell my broilers?
When do layers start laying?
For how long do layers lay?
What do I do with layers when they stop laying?


How do I construct a good chicken house?
How much space do I need for the birds?
Can I make storied floors?
Can I keep layers & broilers in same house?
How far apart should chicken houses be?
What do I put in the windows when it is very cold?
What is the best flooring for a chicken house?
Do I use sawdust and if so how much should I put down?
Do I put asbestos sheet for lighting?
How do I construct laying nests?
Do I provide a place for birds to bask in the sun?


What do I use to warm the birds?
Can I use kerosene lamps for heating?
How do I control the temperature?
If it is going to be very cold, should I have a separate warm place for brooding and transfer them out later?
Can’t I use polythene curtains?
What are gunny curtains?
What is the recommended size of the brooder?
When do I remove the jiko?
Do I light the jiko during the day when it is warm?
What shape should the brooder be?
When the birds are big, do I still need to use curtains at night?


My house is new, must I wash it?
I want to keep birds every two weeks; can I divide the house into two and replace as I slaughter?
How often do I change the litter?
Do I remove all the litter?
My litter is always wet but there is no water spillage?
Can I use chicken manure for my flowerbeds or kitchen garden?
I have local chickens, is it bad to have them in the compound?