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Kuku About You

We have been passionate about poultry since 1984. We’re committed to empowering poultry farmers and creating livelihoods that can be passed from one generation to the next. We see the success of our farmers as our own success.

With us, you can trust that you’re getting the best quality chicks and the support you need to succeed. We go about making sure our farmers’ returns are Kuku. Starting from our Layers, Broilers and Kenbro. Our Day Old Chick breeds are of high quality and resistant to disease.

Our Products


The specialized breed suitable for meat


Quality bird with quality eggs in record time


The free range bird robust to disease and reared for both eggs and meat

Poultry centres

Technical services, specialised equipment, feeds and products, all in one place

Poultry Centres Near Me

Stop by any Kenchic Poultry Centre for feeds, day old chicks, specialized technical and lab assistance or a quick consult with one of our vets.


Beatrice Anyuki

Kenbro Farmer

Wilson Ng’ang’a

Broiler Farmer

Prisca Kamau

Layers Farmer