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Waste & Emissions Policy

Waste & Emissions Policy


All wastes and emissions generated in Kenchic operations.

Policy Statement

This policy outlines the procedures to be used in all Kenchic operations in handling and disposal of wastes and emissions. It reiterates the commitment by Kenchic to uphold good waste disposal and environmental protection practices throughout our production chain, with the aim of ensuring sustainable and environment-friendly production.


  1. To ensure that all Kenchic operations generating wastes and emissions have a waste management procedure, are aware of it, and stick to it.
  2. To limit the use of non-approved methods of waste management.

Applicable Regulations

  1. Environmental Management and Coordination (Waste Management) Regulations 2006, Kenya Legal Notice No. 121
  2. Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act No.8 of 1999, Laws of Kenya.

Policy Definitions For Waste & Emissions

Licensed Operator

Person(s) licensed by the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) to collect, transport, treat/dispose waste.

Waste generator

Person(s) whose activities result in production of waste


National Environmental Management Authority

Hazardous wastes

Drugs/chemicals/poisons/biocides/pesticides/rodenticides as per the Fourth Schedule in the regulations


Activities that separate wastes from production/processing


Temporary placement of waste in a suitable receptacle before treatment/disposal


Process that reduces the hazardous nature of a waste

Disposal site

Area of land where waste is finally discharged

1. Responsibility of waste generator
All Kenchic sites that generate wastes must ensure that the waste is not dumped on non-designated sites, and it is their responsibility to ensure that such waste is collected and disposed of by a Licensed Operator.

2. Segregation of waste by generator
Every Kenchic site that generates wastes shall separate such wastes from production/processing operations, as per NEMA requirements.

3. Mode of transporting waste
Only licensed operators shall transport wastes.

4. Waste treatment
Waste treatment sites in Kenchic must be approved by NEMA.

5. Environmental audit
Every Kenchic waste treatment plant shall carry out annual environmental audit in line with NEMA regulations.

6.  Environmental Impact Assessment
No Kenchic site shall carry out activities generating hazardous wastes without a valid Environmental Impact Assessment License issued by NEMA.

7. Disposal

  •     Disposal of wastes shall be done as per the regulations and under approval of NEMA.
  •     Herbicides, medicines, pesticides and other toxic substances shall be disposed of in sites/plants approved by NEMA.